Monday, June 6, 2011

The top 10 (part 2)

5) KESC: The KESC is our dearest friend. I think I have called the KESC more times than I did to any of my friends. And so would have many of the people reading this. Over the past few years, they have been lucky enough to gather intense hatred for themselves from us. But the KESC gets some sympathy from me. Because, from the monetary loss of the share market to a loss in cricket, or, from a fire outrage to a public riot, everything is blamed on this poor corporation. Poor them! The KESC has a potential to go far and occupy the top position on this list but for now, it is Number 5th.

(4) Osama Bin Laden: ‘This guy had been going around two, may be three countries for about ten years hiding in caves.’ Lol I listened to this crap over a zillion times for the past ten years and guess what, ‘he was in a middle of a good established town, with no security, and used to watch his own videos like a self obsessed monkey.’ (another bullsh** story from the makers of the previous one). He is officially the best candidate for playing Hide & Seek with, SOME RULES MODIFIED. OBL gave a chance for our leaders to scrap in on some dollars which corrupted us inside out and now we are facing problems due to him. Thank you dude!

(3) Rehman Malik: For those of you who don’t know, Reheman Malik is the information minister of Pakistan. Not exactly, he is actually, The Sports Minister, a Senator, a Party correspondent, Defense Minister, Army Head etc etc. Not kidding, I am. If you have ever followed any top news in Pakistan related to anything, Rehman Malik has to say something about it for sure. Before him I never knew what an information minister did (Sherry Rehman was one) but now I know that at least someone is doing his work in the government properly. He does his work, more than he is supposed to do (taang arata hai har jaga kamina). I blame him largely, if not entirely, for Pakistan’s decline during current government, and this property lands him right on the 3rd place on this list

(2) Misbah-ul-Haq: A curse to all one day and t-20 cricket lovers, this guy is the best friend of test cricket. Except the first time I saw him playing good, I have never actually seen him playing at all. If you don’t know what I am talking about, just look at the last 20 ODI matches Pakistan lost, I am sure misbah, every time thought that the Test Cricket just got colorful (or maybe he is color-blind) Despite people blaming him for the lost against India last World Cup, I think he played really good because when he actually realized he was playing ODI, he ran out of BALLS. No matter what, he gave me some very anguished moments and to the nation too, and that is why, he is again, THE RUNNER UP OF A BIG COMPETITION (number 2 on this list)

(1) Veena Malik: The most clever of the people reading this might have already guessed the winner, Veena Malik. She is the best comeback we launched on India after they attacked us first with Sania Mirza. She has this quite an unfamiliar, unearthly accent, where everything she says sounds funny to me. An example was her saying *ASH-MYTH* in last big boss season that made my laugh every evening even after failing chemistry that day. The way she showcase her attitude I think she is actually from Islamabad (girls there do that, believe me!).

Zardari: Just like every bad thing that happens in this country it’s Zardari’s fault. If he actually did something once in a while we might have been a better state. True Story. But since this list contains humans and humanitarian organizations, I will include him later in the list of non-humanitarian reasons for Pakistan’s failure.

That is all for now, I think there is a tough competition in Pakistan for this list and new people are fighting for the top everyday. Later, if anyone of you know that Veena Malik is really from isloo or not, let me know. Lol JK I don’t care!       

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