Sunday, June 19, 2011

5 kinds of people i come across, Daily!

Recently I am going through this thing where I stereotype, anything and everything on basis of its appearance and nature. I have even been stereotyping girls based of their localities, FML!

Therefore, in this blog I will write about 5 kinds of people I think I face daily, or on a regular basis.

  1. The ass-lickers:  The ass-licker group, or more commonly known as the “Uthaos” are probably the biggest group that comes under my stereotyping. These guys will work their ass off getting favors from others instead of doing work for themselves. They are probably the smartest ones too who knows how to get work out of people they know!

  1. The cool group:  There are always those people you come across who don’t give a $h!T about anything than being themselves. These are probably my favorite group of people for two reasons, one, that they are always fun to hang out with and are loved by everyone, and the other, that I can never be stereotyped in this category. So cheers to them!

  1. The annoying ones: After the first grouped mentioned, these people are the second most hated people. They annoy you so much so that you want to kick their asses or wish they would die of laughing on the lamest jokes, which makes only them, laugh out. They will sit in between try to crack inside jokes with their other annoying friends which makes you go, “ohhhh, what the FUCK man!!!”

  1. The emo ones: Sometimes, or once in a while, you accidently meet the emo people. Yes, the planet is filled with them. They would cry about how dull their lives are, or how their boyfriends won’t satisfy them, or how no one understands their problems. That leaves them with two options, either to cut themselves with knives, and drown in their own pool of blood unless they get some attention, or the recently famous one, updating their facebook status and getting “serious” advices from their other emo friends… they make me go “oooooooooooooooooooooo”

  1. The losers: This is the smallest group of people that includes me. Yes, I like to stereotype myself too! These people do nothing but sit in front of a 14 inch screen, reading the stupidest things on the internet and doing nothing else. What makes me love this group so much is that, unlike the other 4 mentioned above, they are unsure about their lives and their brains are filled with stupidity. (doesn’t make much sense does it?)

Reminder: Any resemblance do any person living, dead or in the state of dying is purely co-incidental and this blog does not reflect them!

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