Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4 funniest indian songs!

Well to be honest, I do not have a really good taste of songs. I liked one of my friend’s, for two reasons, one that she was extremely hot and irresistible (sounds desperate but whatever) and the second that she had an extremely great taste in music.

Until last few years, I had been listening to Bollywood songs, which now I extremely hate looking back onto. Not only that they are Indian, but also that they are purely a waste of time. But there are some songs that make me crack up, even if they are not supposed to be that way!

1. Welcome (movie: Welcome): I’ll post part of the lyrics first.

“Kuch To Zara Socho, Kuch To Zara Samjho, Hai Paas Jab Tere Hum
Masti Ka Mauqa Hai, Kyun Khud Ko Roka Hai, Dont U Really Wana Cum”

Ummm not really! This part of the song says that since I am so close to you and it’s a fun time, why have you stopped yourself, DON’T YOU REALLY WANNA CUM? :O
Mister whoever wrote it, I don’t really think the singer or the actors will be pretty convinced to CUM? Well actually it depands on what come/cum you’re talking about ;)

2. I love you (hum sath sath hai): No I am not fooling, there is actually a song named I love you in this movie. Here’s the lyrics of the first line.

I Love You.”

Seriously, like what the fuck? Indian filmmakers should be commended for aiding education of pre-school children. So what if it makes for senseless lyrics…the ends are important, not the means.

3. I love my india. Again, not making it up, there is a song like that.
“Yeh Duniya ika dulhan hai, dulhan ke mathe pe bindiya
Yeh mera India, I love my India”
In English it means, This world is a bride, on the forehead of this bride is Bindiya 
(a colored dot worn by women on forehead) This is my India, I love my India
Does it make any sense? Pulp patriotism at its worst! Oh I know what it is, 
they don’t have anything good to say about their country so they say random shit!
4. Teri Naani mari to main kya karoon: Just look at the awesomely sad lyrics.
“Main to raste se jaa raha…bhelpuri kha raha tha….
seetti baja raha tha…ladki ghuma raha tha…
tujhe mirchi lagi to main kya karoon?
teri naani mari to main kya karoon”
Now, what it says in English, I was walking down the street…eating bhelpuri
whistling a tune…making out with a girl…your granny died, so what shall I do?
Seriously? If I saw someone’s nani (granny) die, I would freak out and probably cry a  
little. But this guy, OMG has no shame whatsoever. And the irony is that the last, dying 
part has no connection to the other part of the song. 

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