Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pakistani ladies can't drive!

Dear Pakistani Female Drivers,
First of all I strongly believe you should all be working in the kitchen and cooking me a sandwich but since the ‘men’ of your house have let you out to drive cars which I strongly disapprove of and since you’re driving now and refuse to go back to the kitchen all I would like to say is learn how to f*cking drive you idiots. Now don’t go all “we are liberated free women who have the right to drive” I don’t care about your rights =p all I care about is you women driving like proper human beings. We follow the rules you follow the rules. There’s no need to f*cking brake every two seconds. There’s no need to go on changing your lane every two mins. You can wear the white driver gloves (seriously in this weather wth is up with that?) you can wear your huge Chanel driving sunglasses but you refuse to learn how to drive. So please don’t get offended by this letter I just want what’s best for you (like working in the kitchen and making me a sandwich).
And I’m not being biased here or anything every pakistani women driver I’ve encountered cant drive. E.g I’ve been in about so many accidents in my life and most of them happened when a lady was driving. Coincidence? No. Those accidents have left me mentally scarred for the rest of my life. The point is pakistani women drivers can’t drive. I’m not being a sexist or anything but studies show Pakistani Women drivers or worse than Pakistani Terrorists. True Story.
In the End that’s all I ask. Learn how to drive or go back to the Kitchen. The choice is yours. :)

Hamza Hakimi!

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