Friday, June 17, 2011

Fantasies. We all have them.

Fantasies are like that hot girl in your class who you know you have no chance with so you just end up taking a picture of her and hanging it up in your room and looking at it for endless hours and imagining the kids you two would have in 15 years time but you know that won’t happen and you’ll end up with a very less attractive woman and with kids who’ll end up being huge failures. The point is we all have fantasies. These are mine.
Be A Pakistani James Bond -
 We all want to be something in life. I wanted to be a Pakistani James Bond. Smoking my fancy cuban cigar with all the women loving me and saving the world by doing shit that wouldn’t be realistically possible in real life. But there’s something about movies that just made the spy life look like the best life anyone could ever life.
How my Fantasy would live out if it actually happened -
It wouldn’t be pleasant I would probably get shot on my first mission and would probably also end up puking on the woman I’m trying to seduce (it’s all part of the mission) and then you would get to see a news story like this in the newspaper
Sexy Spies Poisons himself accidentally while trying to save the world 
On Tuesday a sexy spy code named HamazDude poisoned himself by accidentally mixing poison in his own drink instead of the terrorist’s drink. He was 18 and this was his first mission.

Become a househusband -
(I just found out househusband is an actual word.)
Housewife/Househusband is like that job that’s really easy but everyone pretends it’s hard e.g my sister sleeps in till 1 pm on weekdays and tells me being a housewife is the hardest thing in the world. Sure it is. Sure it is. Having said that I’ve always wanted to be a househusband. You know the one you see on that desperate housewife show. It would be awesome. If my wife ever leaves the kitchen I’ll let her work and make money while I sit at home, watch tv all day and wait for my wife to come home. It would be the perfect job. And if we ever had kids (I would try to make sure we didn’t so I could continue doing nothing) I would hire a maid. Actually no that wouldn’t be a good idea a maid and a househusband staying at one place while the wife goes work. (How gay is the word Househusband btw?)
How my fantasy would live out if it actually happened -
Yea so I wouldn't probably make a good househusband


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