Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things people should brag about different cities!

I will start this post by bragging a little about myself. I have been a lucky kid since a few years. I have been to different cities around the world people only dream of going to. In these cities I have came across a pattern, a distinctive way people want themselves to be remembered as that part of the city.
Often these boastful ideas are literally senseless and are very awful. I see no reason for people to brag about how much it rains. I mean come on…… So I have came up with my reasons people should brag about their native cities.

New York: Well New York is one of the coolest places in the world. It has everything you need; if you are young and all you want is money and fun, otherwise it sucks for oldies (like the rest of the US, JK). People in NY usually brag about the statue of liberty or the deceased World Trade Center, R.I.P.
But to me, what New Yorkers (actual word, just looked it up) should be proud of is Concrete. True Story. Yeah NY is all about big huge buildings talking to sky and concrete bridges and all. Moreover, the latest news about gay marriages being allowed in NY is a cherry on top. Now, all those people who are just normal human beings who are treated poorly because of their sexual preference can flew back here and live a happy life. That’s something to be proud of. I loved New York!

London: London is the city of fantasies I had when I was a kid; a dark place full of clouds and candies. Well still I see it that way only. Londoners have a lot of stuff to brag about. Their transport, their weather (not so great though), their accent (totally love it) and a lot more. But to me Londoners should be proud of their telephone booths. They may not realize it but actually their telephone booths are really awesome. Though you may not feel comfortable going in there with any of your family members. Since there are certain immodest and inappropriate flyers stuck inside that shouts at you to call the number shown but anyways these booths rocks.

Karachi: The city I was born in. The greatest city on planet earth, it is. People here are actually very nice so they don’t really brag about something but the beach. But I actually think people should brag about the rickshaws and buses. They are totally awesome. The poetry scribbled on them, that actually make no sense to me, is indeed so sensible and awesome. We should also brag about the Quaid’s mazar which is possibly the best dating place available in the city. Oh yes. Experience!


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