Saturday, July 31, 2010

And we say, we are poor!

Ok! So, here we go, again! Leaders everywhere has a unique quality. A quality to surprise their people with something distinguished they do. Our President, Mr Zardari, is among the top of them. He is in the country a very few days of the year, and rest of his time, he his being served delicious foods in a Five-Star hotel in US or UK.
    Most of the trips are *labeled* as Foreign Affairs, where the main purpose is *Investment*. Confused? Well, the Pakistani people invest money on these trips which takes our leaders to The US or UK and then they politely asks them, for some *AID*, (for some Godforsaken project which gets 20% of the money allocated. Only God knows where the rest goes). Which, i guess, is very smart of us!
   But then, we say, our country is poor. Around 20% people in Pakistan lives below poverty line. I wonder why can't we use the rest of the 80% of American Aid, for this?
  And once again, our Government is just surprising us all. As we all know, Mr President is undertaking a recent trip to the United Kingdom, which of course is going to cost a whole bunch. You know how much? Well according so some estimates and my calculations, it is going to cost us taxpayers, around 210 million rupees. Big deal? Isn't that is what costing us in all our trips to the US and UK for aids? Well this time, the purpose of the trip is for a little tine tiny conference in London, England. This conference is not with some foreign delegates discussing the Taliban war, illiteracy in Pakistan, Military Aid or Water and Power Crisis but the mere purpose of the conference is to address the PPP members in London. Isn't that just interesting?
  Well and we still are poor! Yes, we need The United States to help us recover from the recent flooding in North Pakistan and we need the IMF to fund us to get our economy back on track and hence, once again we need the US to fund us so we can fight the war in Afghan-Pakistan border.
   Pakistan is receiving huge amount from different organization on different mode for helping Pakistani Economy boost up, carrying this amount into luxurious life by our own Leaders over the head of thousands to people dying in the floods.

Written By:
 Hamza Hakimi!