Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The 5 most annoying TV channels

The 5 most annoying/crappy Tv Channels.

You know how there are some channels that everybody hates because they’re completely useless and whenever you watch them, they remind you of a video your mom made when you were running naked through your house at 2 years old and shows it to your whole family because she thinks it’s funny but you don’t exactly find it funny and your female cousins end up making fun of you for the rest of your life and will probably turn down any future marriage proposals because of that video… Well yea there are some channels like that..
1. Fox News
I think the most obvious of choices had to be Fox News. Everyone knows what they do. Everyone knows they’re bigoted and racist and everyone knows the editor of most of their stories is a 2 year old baby. They’re mis-informed, they’re stupid and their bigotry is what creates hate in a society.

And they call me paranoid
2 . Star Plus (Destroying The Productivity of Pakistani Women since forever.)
This is the channel that has single handedly taken women above 30 and destroyed every single productive thing they used to do in their lives. Their whole life consists of watching Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi and dramas like this. The major piss off thing about these dramas is that they all consist of some woman being oppressed in a house with her whole family plotting against her. She faces death multiple times yet she keeps coming back and her husband is always the innocent looking man who doesn’t know what the f*ck is happening. Do something productive with your life. Go feed a hungry kid or hug a koala bear. But stop watching Star Plus.

*Insert Innocent Looking Woman who wants to run around in Wheat Fields but can’t* Star Plus drama ready.
3. Star Cricket (Are all channels with Star in them shit?)
This one gets a special mention of Navjot Sidhu and that crappy cricket show he has he knows how to state the obvious better than anyone else and he does it very well while offending bengalis (youtube it).  Also I believe this should be renamed to Star India Cricket because it’s mostly about indian cricket than actual cricket. (Just try watching it at a random time something related to Indian Cricket will probably be getting showed).
Navjot Sidhu : The 2nd innings is cruicial if they do well they will win the game…..
No shit Sherlock.
(Quote made up but he says shit like this all the time)
4. Filmazia
Let’s be honest The Pakistani Film Industry isn’t exactly thriving or that good. So when you have a whole channel that shows lollywood movies 24 hours a day. You know you’re going to get brain-f*cked. If you ever wanted  big-boned with a very weird figure Pakistani Actresses doing stupid dance moves while Shan or another Pakistani Male Actor runs around on his horse killing 4324324 people and only using one magazine of a gun AND defying Physics while he’s at it. Then this channel is for you.

Only in a Pakistani Movie a football can be used as a weapon.
5. Geo Super and Geo Tv
Thankfully as I write this Geo Super has been banned for the moment. Which is good. It’s the sports channel that knows it sucks so it tries to get all the other sports channels banned. Their sports announcers know nothing about sport and are idiots.. Geo Tv gets a mention because any channel that hires Sahir Lodhi is annoying and full of crap. I hate you Sahir Lodhi. Stop making me miserable.

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