Sunday, June 12, 2011

The worse in Media!


There is something that really disturbs me and when something is not right, I usually like to bitch about it unless I feel good. So here is something I hate about my country and unfortunately, it is the way ever since it started and I am afraid it’s going to be this way only.

It wasn’t many years ago when Pakistan was counted in one of the most powerful and effective economies of the world (1998-2006). The decline ever since has been subjected to many reasons but one of the highly responsible and most destructive is the Power of Media. In the past few years, media have shown/introduce us to so many different, rare aspects of life that they are starting to occur more often than ever.

One of the questions that stun me is that what is wrong with us? Why does death and murder fascinate us so much? And why are our inhumane instincts taking over our compassion and humanity? The ‘Karachi Murder’ is not the first nor will it be the last. The Kharotabad incident is still fresh in our minds, where a group of people, including two women, were gunned down by security personnel for no apparent threat. But still, these incidents are taken over by another “fascinating” news as soon as they arrive.

It is because we are so stressed by constant bad news and bad news that we take out that stress wherever we can. And it is because we think its not wrong anymore. Media has shown us so much violence that we are not even afraid.

Though Media plays an important role in providing us with such information but more too often, it is over-exaggerated, and some of it is even non-sense.   
For me as a teenager, watching a half an hour of a news bulletin is so depressing that it chances my mood and behavior drastically. Its maybe because I, like hundreds of other Pakistanis love my country but cannot really do anything, accept, bitching about it on the internet.

Look at this current news headline. I have not seen a single ‘Good news’ from any news channels for a long time. Media should tell us the wrong things in our society, but sometimes, when the country in facing so many problems, real good news works. It might lift someone’s mood (like me) or even make a day, better.

And for those who think there is no such news in Pakistan is totally wrong. There are many students who get scholarships every year to foreign universities, many honorable prizes given to Pakistanis, instead of showing problems faced by Pakistanis in foreign countries, tell about how much they love their freedom and how can people in Pakistan lack that.

It seems that in countries like Pakistan, signs of frustration, stress and other psychological issues are not taken into consideration. Traditionally we seem to accept violence, even cold blooded murder at times as is seen in the most common one of karo kari, and allow it to prevail in society under some guise or the other. We allow our children to be brutal and severe with pets and regale tales of the times our kids have mistreated or killed chicks, thrown stones or tied roped around cats, dogs and other helpless animals without remorse.

It is time for us to look inside ourselves and work on ‘civilising’ ourselves. Instead of being blown away by the BAD in society, we should look at the Good things, because at the end of the day, everything seems nice, when you are happy inside!

God Bless Pakistan!

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