Friday, May 6, 2011

A war that was never ours!

And again something that brings me to blog!

It was about 10 years ago; I was sitting in front of my T.V watching two massive buildings tumbling in the sand. Before that time, never in the 10 years of my life had I heard the words, bombs, killed, terrorists, security etc. The only way I thought people could die was disease. But as I was soon to discover, the world was getting worse.

To us Pakistanis (or at least to me as a kid) the coming down of those building was shocking. I didn’t know everything that was going on but what I was sure about was that it was definitely BAD.

Today after nine years, nine months and twenty five days, this war seems certain to continue for another few years. So many people lost their lives, so many lost their families. Widows, orphans, kids, woman, and man, everyone clearly affected and this war isn’t showing signs of getting over yet.

In my keen interest towards the happening of this war and my desperation of getting peace back in the world, I gathered some information. So right after the attacks of 9/11, America launched a full blown attack on Al-Qaida in Afghanistan. They told Pakistan (the neighbors) to be either with them, or with the terrorists. I do not know how our beloved president at that time had chosen the contrary. Soon American aid began to flowing in, and the Pakistani army joining them in the war.

But what are the consequences of the war? What did it do to the AT THAT TIME, peaceful nation of Pakistan? Did it helped America win the war or did it just made the matters worse for both or either of the two countries? What did Pakistan got in the end? Huge amounts of dollars that never went for the war cause? Oh I know where they went, SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS! And what did we at the end got? Congress saying they should cut ALL aid to Pakistan, present the Pakistani government with a bill for all the aid given to it since 9/11, and cease to consider Pakistan an ally? HMMM!

Let’s compare the two nations, one whose war it always was, and one who was always just an ally. Well, from what I see and hear, is that, at least thirty three thousand Pakistanis have been killed during these ten years! 33000? Let me remember how many Americans got killed in and after 9/11, ummmm 3000? To be exact, 2,740 Americans died during 9/11. And that is just, the civilians. Soldiers! The most important part of any countries’ defense. In the war in Afghanistan, 4202 American Soldiers have served their lives for the country and more than 3000 Pakistani soldiers have given their lives for their countries’ best friend. Its Pakistani people who take lives on their palms when everyday they go out of their homes. I have never seen an American, in America afraid of dying of a bomb blast.

I am not saying that we are fighting a war for other people. We are doing it for our friends. But when that good friend stabs back at you and instead of appreciating for what you have done all this time, they curse you of finding OBL in Pakistan; they say they wasted their money for no good; it’s never a good news and it hurts.
I don’t know why would it have been better for the Pakistani government to hide him in our country? He has killed more Pakistanis than any other national. Have you ever thought it might be the other government lying? It might be something that is way beyond a normal citizen’s conception and the best is to keep it hidden?

Whatever it is, one thing I am sure about is that Pakistan has lost more than any one in this war. These wounds will never be healed and when your friend disregard of from all this, its not ending well!

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Very well written guys... loved it! ;]

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Great post. Don't stop writing, youre good at this. :)